What is "Open"?

Dave Lane (@lightweight)
President, NZ Open Source Society
Open Source//Open Society
16 April 2015 - Wellington, New Zealand

This presentation online: http://pres.lane.net.nz/what-is-open

"Share and share alike"

Transparency's not enough

Not just the "what"...

Also need the "how", "why", and "what if".

Not just see. Do.

Relinquish control.

Scratch your own itch!

The ability to participate and share ownership is key to building sharing communities.


From simple open rules, tremendous richness can emerge.

Without gatekeepers, innovation can come from anywhere.

From Closed to Open

Apply the principles of Open to gauge how you're doing now...
... and become progressively more open.

Open may threaten the few who profit from "closed", but empowers the many.

Fauxpen Source

Learn to spot openwashing.

Remember: expedience is the enemy of principle.

Think critically, be vigilant, seek remedy...

... but expose deceit to the community responsibly.

The currencies of Open are Participation and Trust.

Public Libraries

Open and sharing long before it was cool.


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